Book review: The Big Handout

Author unmasks just how dangerous America's subsidy system is.
Author unmasks just how dangerous America's subsidy system is.

BOOK: The Big Handout
AUTHOR: Thomas Kostigen
RRP: 29.95

WE do not think of subsidies as something harmful to people, prices, national security or our health.

Thomas Kostigen unmasks just how dangerous America's subsidy system is to everyone.

He is of the opinion that government needs to be more transparent and must reveal exactly where taxes go.

The biggest beneficiaries of subsidies are those who receive them indirectly.

Multinational energy corporations, steel companies and big agriculture enterprises profit from these lucrative programs.

It appears that good money is being spent on bad business practices and on people's bad habits.

It would be more beneficial to spend subsidies on floods, storms and sensible policies (with better enforcement) for sustainable practices.

Solutions for soil loss and degradation, toxic pollution and the destruction of rural communities should receive them too.

Educating people on where food comes from and how things are made would make a nation healthier and wiser.

Making it wealthier encourages overproduction and terrorism.

Yes, there is a connection between agriculture and arms.

Take away a small nation's livelihood and it will want to retaliate.

These are issues we all need to confront.

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