Valerie Horton

Bikie accused of trafficking meth to jails refused bail

A SYDNEY-based bikie who is accused of trafficking crystal meth into Maryborough prison has had his bid for freedom rejected.

Lone Wolf bikie Ronnie "Salami" Refalo, 46, had his bail application heard yesterday in the Brisbane Supreme Court after it was adjourned last month.

Crown prosecutor Sarah Farndon told the court Mr Refalo was an unacceptable risk of re-offending if he was released, given he had a similar conviction in NSW of supplying drugs to inmates.

She said he was on parole for those charges when he allegedly committed the offences in Queensland.

Mr Refalo was arrested and charged at his home in Sydney and subsequently extradited to Queensland over allegations he had supplied large quantities of crystal meth to Maryborough Correctional Centre inmate Brett Randall Griffith, 54, who then sold the drugs to other prisoners.

Mr Refalo was arrested as part of Operation Mike Clyde which uncovered three drug syndicates operating in Queensland prisons, two in Maryborough and one in Ipswich.

Ms Farndon said Mr Refalo had an extensive criminal history dating back to 1989 for motor vehicle, drugs, armed robbery and stealing offences.

She said he had completely ignored court-imposed orders to stay out of trouble in the past.

"There is a direct connection with the person who was allegedly selling the drugs inside prison and the person we say was supplying them on the outside," she said.

"He was on parole at the time of these alleged offences after he was jailed for five years in NSW for supplying drugs to inmates.

"He has not once, since 1989, been released on parole without going on to re-offend, and we submit that he poses an unacceptable risk."

Defence solicitor Andrew Bale said the crown's case centred on telephone intercepts between Mr Refalo and Griffith and the eventual interpretation of those conversations.

He said Mr Refalo was not in a show-cause position and should be released on strict conditions.

But Justice Peter Flanagan said he had no confidence whatsoever that Mr Refalo would be a law-abiding citizen should he be released on bail, especially given the fact he had faced extremely similar charges previously in NSW.


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