HITTING THE ROAD: The Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride is returning to Stanthorpe.
HITTING THE ROAD: The Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride is returning to Stanthorpe. File

Bikers suit up for distinguished spectacle

WHAT begun as a bit of fun from a few Sydney-based mates has fast become a worldwide men's health movement.

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, started in 2012, is a global motorcycle fund-raising event to raise awareness of prostate cancer and male suicide prevention.

Stanthorpe locals got in on the cause in 2014 and a few rides later they're still helping raise funds and awareness for the cause.

Shaun Cox is leading the way, initiating the first local run and each since.

"The first year they raised a few bucks and then last year they raised $5 million US dollars worldwide,” Mr Cox said.

"Last year we got 65 riders here. People are coming from Brisbane, Toowoomba, Tenterfield, Warwick. This one's about a 120 kilometre ride.”

Shaun fought and won his own battle against prostate cancer, diagnosed mid-way through organising the first ride in '14.

"It meant a whole lot more to complete that first one after finding out. It started out as just something a bit different and then my diagnosis came through,” he said.

"You find out more and more every day of people locally who have their own issues. Then obviously with the mental health thing, that's a big one. Depression is something blokes just don't want to talk about it.

"Rather than them walking off into the bush and not coming back you're better off having days like this where guys can come and have a chat.

"We've had a lot of blokes who've come up and thanked us for doing it and told their story.

"The drought we're having has a lot of repercussions in the mental health arena as well. But the hard part is getting people to actually walk in the door, sit down and say I'm in strife,” Mr Cox said.

The ride will be held on Sunday, September 30 and start at the Visitors Info Centre from 8am and riders will depart at 10am.

Shaun encouraged people who mighn't be taking part to pop down, look at the bikes and have a chat.

For more information contact him at the High St Motor Inn on 4681 1533.

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