AN intoxicated reveller who attempted to take a late Saturday night pony ride at Queensland Zoo was the worst of the shenanigans following a successful Big Pineapple Festival.

The man's decision to jump the fence was quickly thwarted when it could not bear his weight and a paling snapped, much to the delight of the zoo staff who saw the incident unfold while on site to monitor the animals.

Zoo CEO Jarrod Schenk was quick to point out that the paddock was empty as they relocated the ponies to a secure enclosure every night.

Proving the theory that 'there is always one ...' the rest of the 8000 festival goers enjoyed the third annual event without incident.

Co-organiser Marcus Pluckhahn said it was one of the best festivals he had seen.

"The surroundings were beautiful and there was a general vibe and feeling on site where everybody could see it was a great place to be," he said.

"Everything ran on time and punters were co-operative and patient if they needed to be.

"The police were quite impressed with people's behaviour."

A police media spokesman said there was no record of any arrests relating to the festival.

Despite a couple of people expressing frustration at transport getting to the event, Mr Pluckhahn said everybody was able to head home from the festival "very quickly."

"It was an improvement on previous years," he said.

"Everybody took advantage of the transport and everybody got out in a really good time."

Mr Schenk said he had been impressed with the high level of organisation this year and the new location across the road from the Big Pineapple had been a blessing for the animals at the zoo.

"We stayed here Saturday night to monitor the noise and all we could hear was a very faint humming and no distinguishable singing or bass so we were really happy," he said.

"Last year we had to close the zoo for seven days with all of the trucks coming to set up and then the festival itself and this year we closed on Saturday as a precaution but the set-up they had couldn't have been better for us and I am very excited to say we can open next year (during the festival) and the year after without any worry whatsoever."

Aside from the said misguided drunkard, Mr Schenk said the only impact to the zoo was people getting dropped off and picked up on the Big Pineapple side of the highway.

"There was a lot of security and a good police presence controlling the crowds and getting everyone moving," he said.

Mel Thompson, who attended the festival for the first time, said the natural amphitheatre was incredible and made it easy to see the Aussie talents on stage.

"John Butler Trio was amazing, the Jezabels were amazing and Violent Soho was really good," she said.

"Everything was pretty spread out and most of the people were really good.

"There could have been more toilets there."

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