Big Brother 2012 housemate Ray.
Big Brother 2012 housemate Ray. Contributed - Paul Broben, Channel 9

Ray's got milk after BB eviction

GOT milk?

The latest Big Brother evictee Ray Baxter is a chocolate milk marketer's dream and he is already in talks to star in a commercial for the chocolaty drink.

The chocolate milk slurping gym fanatic couldn't wait to drink some of the sweet stuff and see his beloved French bulldog Rufus after being evicted from the house on Sunday night.

Losing out to Estelle and Angie he said he had no regrets from his time in the house and while he didn't win the 25-year-old was glad he never compromised his integrity unlike his house nemesis Benjamin.

"He is playing the game big time. He will do anything to win and I think he saw me as a threat.

"He played me and I wasn't about to be like him and be nice to everyone's face but then backstab them.

"The money is not that important, my integrity is."

He was most surprised by his bond with Bradley who previously ruffled his feathers during the audition stage.

"When I saw him in the house, I thought 'you little prick' but then he came into the gym with me and we had a good chat.

"I taught him about eating a high protein diet and working out and how to talk to girls. I think there was some good advice and some bad.

"He was like my little brother.

"He's a true friend. He's a cool jock trapped in a nerd's body."

Touted as the ultimate social experiment, Baxter agreed it definitely was a psychological game with producers holding the strings.

"The producers must have heard me talking about my perfect girl because Ava definitely ticked all the boxes."

He admitted he was disappointed that he didn't get a chance with the new intruder with her instant bond with Estelle and house Romeos George and Josh 'snaking' his chance.

Baxter admitted he'd never watched the series previously but with his extroverted personality his friend's encouraged him to apply.

"I have a theory in life, to never give up and getting here is was just part of smashing another goal," he said.

With his good looks and cheeky charm, the confident vet said he would love to be the next Dr Chris Brown.

"I just want to live life to the fullest and make the most of every breathing moment as it could be your last."


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