Ipswich's big bang proves a puzzle

IT SEEMS everyone has their own big bang theory but an explosion in Ipswich on Tuesday night hasn't been officially explained.

Social media went off with reports of a loud explosion in the city's inner western suburbs about 9pm Tuesday.

Suggestions for the noise ranged from RAAF Base Amberley's bird-scaring missile that rocked the city in May to special effects on the set of the ABC telemovie being filmed in Ipswich.

The Ipswich police communications room said it received "several calls in relation to a loud explosion".

"We conducted extensive patrols last night and this morning and haven't found anything," a spokesman said.

Chris Strewes, location manager of Parer's War, which was being shot around St Paul's Church on Tuesday night, was also nonplussed.

"I heard it from my hotel room and wondered what it was," Mr Strewes said.

"It had nothing to do with the filming; there was no live firing or special effects on this set. If we had, we would have informed the police and fire brigade."

An employee from a One Mile shop said two men in a 4WD told him that if he heard a loud bang, it was "nothing to worry about".

He said he heard a huge bang soon after and felt a sudden air pressure change.

"The explosion was close enough that we could feel the wind pressure - it was decently loud," he said

A Geoscience Australia spokeswoman said the explosion did not register on its seismic network.

Ipswich City Council, meanwhile, said there were no reports to its call centre.

What do you think was the cause of Tuesday night's big bang in Ipswich?

This poll ended on 18 July 2013.

Current Results

An underground mining explosion


An exercise at RAAF Amberley


A meth lab


People playing with explosives


The curry you ate that night




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