Bec Swindell has taken up the reins at Harvey Norman’s computer section.
Bec Swindell has taken up the reins at Harvey Norman’s computer section. Emma Channon

Bec escapes cold for new gig

BEC Swindell says it's the friendliness of the Warwick customers that has made the move easier from Bendigo to the Rose City.

Mrs Swindell, who is three weeks into her new gig at Harvey Norman's computer franchise, said she has greatly enjoyed her start at the Warwick store - though she was hoping it would be a little warmer.

"I asked to be transferred north from Victoria to escape the cold," she said.

"I thought it would be warmer here but I have heard it's probably going to be just as cold.

"But work-wise it's been good. The staff is great and the people are so friendly. Much more friendly than in Victoria."

Mrs Swindell said her role in computers suited her because she became bored easily with things, and so the changing face of the industry kept her interested.

While she may have come into her new role at the busiest time of year for retailers, she said she was ready and looking forward to it.

"Boxing Day is always the biggest day and we are expecting things to hopefully be bigger and better," she said.

"We've extended our hours that day too from 10am-2pm to 9am-4pm so we'll look forward to seeing people coming in through the doors."

One of the items Mrs Swindell has seen improve vastly since she first started out in the industry is the development of desktop computers, or PCs. She said they had come "in leaps and bounds" and offer many features customers might not be aware of.

"The graphics are great, they have touch screen and bluetooth built in - you don't have any cords hanging about and if you have wireless cover at home it generally can hook into there," she said.

"They start out at $899 and go upwards to $2500."

For families struggling to pay all the Christmas shopping bills, Mrs Swindell said there were options.

"We've got Flexirent or if you're buying something for your child, there is an education tax which is basically monthly payments," she said.

Mrs Swindell said apart from setting the goal to improve the shopping experience for customers, she wanted to encourage people to spend their money locally instead of travelling elsewhere.

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