Bamboo venture growing with addition of new cafe, shop

HIS FATHER planted the seeds and now Bamboo Land is blooming under the green thumb of Janne Nilsson.

Mr Nilsson took ownership of the Burrum River nursery and parklands seven years ago and plan to expand with the addition of a cafe and shop.

"It was my father who started this business originally," he said.

"It was a hobby business to start with."

The qualified engineer came to Australia from Sweden when his father retired.

"He certainly started something quite special," Mr Nilsson said of his father.

Mr Nilsson said Bamboo Land features 10 acres of tropical gardens and is free to visit.

As the name suggests, much of parklands is made up of bamboo, the core element of the business.

Mr Nilsson said visitors can roam through the parkland and enjoy the species of bamboo, ginger and heliconias growing for display.

He said the gardens were created with the intent of being as natural as possible.

"The emphasis has been on gardening because that's what we do," he said.

Recently granted council planning approval means Mr Nilsson can continue to improve and expand Bamboo Land.

Not only that, but he plans to create a function and event centre further down the line.

"I'd like to do just about everything myself - I'm a hands-on person," he said.

"Certainly all the decorating,

"We're not building a normal run-of-the-mill building.

"We're using material that will last."

Mr Nilsson said he was creating the new structures out of cobblestone and timber and the new development would make use of the Burrum River.

"Many people come in and say 'wow I didn't know this existed'," he said.

Mr Nilsson said he planned to create quality, long-lasting buildings.

"It really is going to be something for the future," he said.

He said many people didn't get to experience the river, as many nearby properties on the river are privately owned.

Mr Nilsson said many of Bamboo Land's customers came from passing highway trade but the bulk of their sales were generated online.

"Bamboo being a fairly specialised market ... we sell plants Australia-wide," he said. "I'm excited about our future prospects."

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