CLOSE ENCOUNTER: Ballandean and Stanthorpe City played out a close contest in junior colts.
CLOSE ENCOUNTER: Ballandean and Stanthorpe City played out a close contest in junior colts. Matthew Purcell

Ballandean back to back on grand final day

FOOTBALL: With both fillies teams at full strength, Ballandean started off cautiously.

Both sides had limited chances in the early stages. It wasn't until midway through the half that Gianna Newman received the ball just over half way but was forced wide as she advanced up the field.

Inter, thinking they had the danger covered, was not prepared for a well-hit shot from out wide that sailed through the top inside post giving Ballandean the lead and now a little more ascendancy in the game.

Ballandean was in again before half time with a great break down the right wing from Jess Carnell.

She swung a ball across the face of goal which found Lilly Earl-Jones who scored from inside the six-yard box

Inter was better organised again in the second half, while Ballandean tried to protect a two-goal lead.

It was a defensive lapse from Ballandean that allowed Inter's Brook Favero to score a lovely goal beating Ballandean's keeper with a well-hit shot.

Ballandean was forced to lift its game and make a few tactical changes in the final 10 minutes and this was rewarded when Gianna Newman received the ball from an Inter mistake to shoot from distance to take the scoreline to 3-1 to Ballandean.

Georgette Forbes received the player of the match.

Junior colts

After a lively game in the fillies, the junior colts had plenty to live up to.

The game was intense from the opening whistle until full time.

With both teams taking two wins each against each other through the year, the game was anyone's to win from the start.

The entire game ebbed and flowed with each team having their moments.

Much like the first, the second half was played with passion and honesty as the game continued to flow from one end to the other with neither team willing to concede the opening goal.

But with City working hard to shut down Brayden Spiller, an opportunity presented itself to the Ballandean side which quickly shifted the ball from the right flank across to Brayden then across to Ethan Zamprogno, who was unmarked.

Ethan took a quick touch to get the ball in front of his advancing defender and just inside the 18-yard box before hitting it past the City keeper.

City had its chances after this but, with stout defence from Ballandean's back four and one excellent save in goal from Hamish Earl-Jones, they managed to keep City at bay.

Ethan Zamprogno picked up a well-earned player of the match with a tireless effort

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