A Sportsbet ad from this year was the most complained about commercial of the past two decades. Picture: Sportbet
A Sportsbet ad from this year was the most complained about commercial of the past two decades. Picture: Sportbet

Australia’s 10 most hated ads

THOUSANDS of Aussies have lashed out at adverts which feature two-inch long nipples, inappropriate shaving and blokes singing about how they want to meet women "other than their wives".

Now, national watchdog Ad Standards has released a breakdown of the commercials we collectively complained about the most from 1998 to 2018.

And, adverts appear to be either becoming more offensive or Australians are becoming more easily offended, because 2018 has been a record-breaking year for complaints.

Aussies have complained in their thousands. Picture: Ultra Tune
Aussies have complained in their thousands. Picture: Ultra Tune

"In a record few months, 2018 has produced two of the most complained about advertisements in Ad Standards' 20-year history reflecting ongoing community concerns about sexuality and nudity, violence, and health and safety in advertising," a spokesman for the watchdog said.

Here are the most complained about ads:




1. Sportsbet, 2018 - complaints upheld

The industry watchdog was bombarded with 792 complaints after this ad - which depicts a man shaving his genitals.

Angry viewers took to social media to lambast the betting firm for broadcasting the ad during a NRL match on Channel 9 at a time when children were watching.

"Far from prude, but that ad is so tasteless when kids watch the footy," one user tweeted.

"Is this acceptable for your kids to watch?" another wrote.



2. iSelect, 2018 - complaints upheld

This bizzare advert attracted 715 complaints and was eventually banned for showing "extreme anger" and "violence".

It depicts a woman smashing an Easter bunny shaped pinata after receiving bad news about rising insurance premiums.

Ad Standards said the commercial was "unsettling", while another complaint said it exposed children to violence and "unacceptable behaviour".



3. Ashley Madison, 2014 - complaints upheld

Infamous extramarital dating service Ashley Madison raised eyebrows and caused 643 complaints with this cringe-inducing commercial in which men can be heard singing about looking for someone other than their wives.



4. Ultra Tune, 2017 - complaints dismissed

Ultra Tune's controversial "Unexpected Situations" campaign featured several adverts which some viewers said promoted "blatant sexism and objectification".

This advert, in which two women use a fire extinguisher to put out a car fire, was the most moaned about of the series - bringing in a total of 421 complaints.



5. Ultra Tune, 2016 - complaints dismissed

As part of the same campaign, which was deemed by some viewers as "discriminatory and degrading", this advert shows two women in skin-tight outfits declaring that they are "into rubber".

It attracted 419 complaints on the grounds of discrimination, exploitation and degradation, and sex, sexuality and nudity.



6. Meat and Livestock Australia, 2016 - complaints dismissed

This controversial Australia Day ad was criticised for inciting hatred towards vegans and attracted 676 complaints.

It featured iconic Australian news anchor Lee Lin Chin and includes a scene showing a military officer taking a blow torch to vegan's apartment.



7. Nandos, 2007 - complaints dismissed

Nando's appalled 359 viewers with a poledancing commercial - which shows a stripper in a nightclub wiggling her bottom in the face of a male patron before she sits down to dinner with her family at a Nando's restaurant.

"This advertisement is explicit. The representation of a woman in this environment is offensive and seeks only to objectify women further as sex symbols," one of the complaints read.



8. YouFoodz, 2017 - complaints upheld

An "unforkin-believable" advert from Youfoodz drew 307 complaints for its "strong or obscene language".

The young boy in the clip uses the term "forking" in what was a clear reference to another term - but some viewers said it was "totally inappropriate" for the timeslot.



9. Neds, 2017 - complaints dismissed

Disgruntled viewers said this Neds advert "normalises" problem gambling.

It shows a man excusing himself from dinner to listen to a telemarketer while using the Neds app on his phone.



10. Mentos gum, 2006 - complaints dismissed

A bizarre advert - which shows a man's nipples growing obscenely long after he eats Mentos gum - drew 283 complaints.

Here are some of the complaints:

"It is stomach churning…"

"Unrealistic and rude and made me feel ill…"

"…two-inch long nipples have nothing to do with mints."

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