One of our favourites on The Voice is Luke Kennedy, a tenor from Brisbane.
One of our favourites on The Voice is Luke Kennedy, a tenor from Brisbane.

Australia gets it right with artists on The Voice

WE'RE down to the final 16 on Nine's The Voice and after this week's results, we think Australia has got it right.

As for the coaches ...well, let's say they've mostly saved the right artists.

Extremely talented singers have been voted through by the public, leaving the coaches with hard decisions about who to save.

Getting through on the public vote this week was tenor Luke Kennedy from Team Ricky, Celia Pavey (Team Delta), Michael Stangel (Team Joel) and Mitchell Anderson (Team Seal).

The coaches voted to save Jac Stone (Team Seal), Danny Ross (Team Joel), Tim Morrison (Team Delta) and Caterina Torres (Team Ricky).

Some fans might have been surprised when Delta chose Tim over Bondi boy Ben Goldstein, with the coach pointing to Tim's fighting spirit. We're with Delta on this choice, as Tim really fought for his place.

A few brows might have arched also when Joel saved Danny Ross over Lyric McFarland, who had a powerful voice. Still, we're with Joel on this one as Danny certainly has something mysterious and interesting about him.

On the other hand, Emma Pask could also have felt a little unfortunate not to get the nod over Caterina Torres after Emma delivered a flawless jazz performance, and especially as Ricky noted that her self-produced jazz album hit the top of iTunes.

We're big fans of The Voice in The Chronicle office so we've done a quick survey to find out who is hitting the right note. A couple of names appear more than once, like Harrison Craig, but otherwise we're split.

Do you agree with our selections? Let us know who you're supporting.


Who's your favourite on The Voice so far?

This poll ended on 17 June 2013.

Current Results

Mitchell Anderson


Steve Clisby


Harrison Craig


Alex Gibson


Luke Kennedy


Simon Meli


Tim Morrison


Miss Murphy


Celia Pavey


Michael Paynter


Danny Ross


Jackie Sannia


Michael Stangel


Jac Stone


Caterina Torres


Kiyomi Vella


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.


ADAM DAVIES (Chronicle journalist)

First: Kiyomi Vella

Second: Caterina Torres

Kiyomi has a unique voice and a talent like that is needed to boost a fledging Australian music scene.

 LOUISE O'MARA (Chronicle designer)

Who will win: Harrison Craig (Team Seal) has a beautiful voice and a story that tugs at the hearts of the viewers.

Runner-up: Michael Paynter (Team Joel), who has a strong voice and all the ladies seem to love him.

Who I want to win: Jac Stone (Team Seal) - a gorgeous and soulful voice, a long shot to win, but it definitely won't be the last we hear of her.

Or Danny Ross (Team Joel) who has such an eclectic style and personality and I would love to hear more from him.

LAURA HUNT (Rural Weekly)

I have a soft spot for Harrison Craig, as everyone does I think. What a cutie. Very talented too and what a voice.

I also really like Michael Paynter and Tim Morrison. Both being in the industry before, I feel they've done the hard yards and deserve to go far.

TRENT SLATTER (Chronicle sports journalist)

I'm throwing my support behind former country girl Jac Stone.

Jac has been making a name for herself on the Brisbane music scene for years with her down-to-earth honest sound.

And jumping on the juicy odds of $34 for her to win with Sportsbet ain't bad either.

SUSAN HARTLAND (Chronicle designer)

I'VE actually voted for both Luke Kennedy and Michael Paynter, on the basis that I would buy their albums.

I love a good tenor and was so pleased to see Luke's version of Andrea Bocelli's Con te partiro (Time to Say Goodbye) hit the top of the iTunes charts. I love Harrison Craig's voice also and he comes across as simply a delightful guy, also very humble.

Michael Paynter has a stand-out pop voice; I think it shows the Australian public is pretty cluey that they voted him through. I just hope Ricky's obsession with Caterina isn't at Luke's expense in the future.

Dark horse: Jackie Sannia.

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