Aussie doll makers shock Americans with lifelike babies

AIRPORT security officials are generally not the types that share a laugh.

But, Racheal Ambler and her friend Bonnie Brown managed to lighten up the atmosphere inside airports and planes en route to a US doll show.

Transporting their fragile handmade and lifelike newborn baby dolls through security, they caught the attention of the authorities.

"It was the most surreal experience," Racheal said.

"We had three planes to get there and they signaled us back to the desk and she said, 'you didn't give us the passports for the babies,' and I said, 'it's a baby'.

"And they pulled us across to where they swab and they said, 'we just don't believe it's not real'."

The flight attendant was fooled and brought over baby seatbelts for the dolls.

"Some people came up to us and said I hope I don't get sat next to you for the flight.

"An elderly couple held the baby for the whole five hour flight (from San Francisco to Raleigh)."

When the pair arrived in their destination, Raleigh, North Carolina, they decided to have some more fun by taking the dolls out during a shopping trip.

"I'd never taken the dolls out before," Racheal said.

"We only saw four shops because we kept on getting stopped."

One of the people the Twinkle Tots Reborn Nursery owner met was a plastic surgeon.

"He said, 'can you imagine what we could do together?'"

That partnership is unlikely to ever materialise, but the Murwillumbah doll maker does want to collaborate with a particular person - US talk show megastar, Ellen DeGeneres.

"That's my dream. I don't know if I can make it happen," Racheal said.

"The attention that these dolls pulled. That made us think, 'that's something that Ellen could have some fun with'."

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