VIBRANT DESIGN: Fabric artist, Maria Mastro with her work.
VIBRANT DESIGN: Fabric artist, Maria Mastro with her work. DEIRDRE SMITH

Artists LAP up local awards

ARTISTS, new, established and somewhere in between, along with friends and family supporters turned out to the opening night of the LAP - Local Art Prize at Stanthorpe Regional Gallery on Friday night.

Susan Peters was thrilled to win the Emerging Artist category for her work, Thumb Print, especially as she had entered the show alongside her daughter, Amy.

"I thought she would win,” she said.

But there's no hard feelings as the pair have also been past winners in local shows.

Jooyun Lim of Dalveen was also surprised to take second prize for her work, Sunset in the Mountain the 3D category, which covers sculpture, glass and ceramics and other made objects.

"I'm so surprised I won,” she said.

It was a modest reaction for the Korean-born artist as her delicate tea set and other ceramic work has already won several prizes in shows in Stanthorpe and Warwick.

Gallery director Mary Findlay praised the work put in by volunteers to keep the gallery functioning, saying they had taken an active role since the gallery began operation in 1972.

"We have 58 active volunteers,” she said. "When I go to conferences and tell them that, not one regional gallery has 58 volunteers.”

Tally and Natalie Burton are both artists but only Natalie walked away a winner, for her digital art piece, Natism, which took 'hundreds of hours' to create, using nothing except a mobile phone.



First ($500): Norman Clayton, Sangricoli Farm Stanthorpe, oil

Second ($200): Nola Sindel, Succulent, watercolour

3D Ceramics/Pottery /Glass/Sculpture

First ($500): Helen Turrisi, The Horns, ceramic

Second ($200): Jooyun Lim, Sunset In The Mountain, ceramic

Indigenous Artist

First ($500): Krishna Heffernan, Barnacles on Boondal Wetlands, collage

Second ($200): Jen Martin Koo-Bee (Possum Dreaming), acrylic

Photography, Digital & Film

First ($500): Adrian Ashman, Vagrant Mists Upon a Hill, photograph

Second ($200): Helen Robinson, Fairy Entrance, photograph

Creative Fibre & Textiles

First ($500): Dell Maxwell, Horizons, fibre

Second ($200): Kaz Thorpe, The Final Countdown, fibre

Applied Art

First ($500): Natalie Burton, Natism, digital art

Second ($200): Helen Turrisi, Waterlily, leather

Emerging Artist

First ($300): Susan Peters Thumb Print, Collage

Second ($50): Amy Tjan Seen But Not Heard, Acrylic on canvas

Other awards

Youth Artist: Bursary to McGregor Spring Retreat - sponsored by USQ Artsworx: Amy Tjan Technicoloured Tears, oil on canvas

Changeover Team's Choice $250: Rob Allen, The Liston Herd, Oil on canvas

Public Choice: Public Choice will be awarded at the end of the exhibition.

Visitors are welcome to cast their votes for this prize.

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