The Stanthorpe Border Post is a Granite Belt business with a long history.
The Stanthorpe Border Post is a Granite Belt business with a long history.

Appreciate community asset

PEOPLE say you don't know what you've got until it's gone. Truth is, you knew what you had, you just never thought you'd lose it.

Now don't jump the gun, the Border Post is going nowhere but, like all great community assets, some- times you need to step back and appreciate what you have.

This year the Border Post celebrated its 145th birthday and, in the scheme of Stanthorpe businesses, that is a massive achievement.

There have been many changes in 145 years of publication - paper size, office location, printing methods, introduction of colour - and, even with all these changes, the Border Post continues to thrive, boasting growing circulation figures which make most dailies ask what we are doing right.

We are one of the few Australian papers growing and that is not only due to what we do but is largely a result of you, the people of the Granite Belt.

I am the first to admit that working at the Border Post you will receive criticism and I have learnt to accept what is thrown at me and either learn from it or ignore it.

But sometimes there comes a stage when you need to speak up. There are four people who turn up for work at our office every day.

We all live locally, pay rent/mortgages, buy groceries and clothing, eat locally, buy medicines, visit our doctors, are involved in clubs and community organisations.

We, as an organisation, are not perfect and am the first to admit we don't always get it right, but every single one of us does his or her job for this community.

We don't have crystal balls, we don't always know what is going on in the community and rely on feedback from you all.

We are open to genuine suggestions and try to support as many clubs, community groups and businesses as possible.

We are the major sponsor of the Apple and Grape, Stanthorpe Show, Snowflakes in Stanthorpe, Johnny Cash Festival, Stanthorpe races and support many other events.

I am positive there are few who know exactly what we do give back and, if we stopped giving, what would happen to some of these events you take for granted?

The Border Post is the closest link we have to our past, our community now and our future. We have recorded the passing parade of events, sporting triumphs, our political arena, new life and the passing of locals, changes in our dynamic community, the laughter and sometimes, sadly, the tears.

We provide a lifeline to local businesses that need your support to thrive with advertising and information.

So, my request today is a simple one - value your local paper, don't take us for granted. Like a lot of businesses, media is a hard game and we need your support.

Write to us, engage with us and even advertise with us. Encourage children to read the Border Post and to take an interest in the community they are growing up in.

Tell your local business owners you saw their ad in the Border Post.

This is your paper and you'll be sorry if ever we're not there one day.

Stanthorpe Border Post

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