LOVED: Donna and Graham Parker feed orphaned alpaca, Rocky. The six-month-old is temporarily staying with the couple.
LOVED: Donna and Graham Parker feed orphaned alpaca, Rocky. The six-month-old is temporarily staying with the couple. Matthew Purcell

Answers still sought after senseless act

THE hunt is still on for the person or persons who brutally slaughtered seven pet alpacas.

On Sunday, September 17 it's alleged someone trespassed on a Lyra property and shot the alpacas at close range, murdering the Topatigh's family pets while they were away dealing with a second tragedy.

Troy Topatigh was involved in a car crash on Thursday, September 14 on his way to Brisbane.

His wife Matty and their children rushed to be by his bedside and were there when they received the news.

Wallangarra Police sergeant Alan Baker has appealed for information.

"It was a low, mongrel act, the alpacas were highly domesticated.

"I appeal to any person who has any information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or Wallangarra Police on 4684 3120,” he said.

Rocky, a six-month old alpaca was unharmed, as were a number of other pets including geese, turkey, goat, sheep and ponies.

Neighbours Graham and Donna Parker discovered the gruesome scene and say they're dumbfounded by the senseless murders.

"These guys have moved from the city, they're a young family with young kids, done the tree change, got a great lifestyle, really great members of the community, great participants in Ballandean and all the things that go on around the area and to have their little bit of peace and tranquillity tarnished like this is a crying shame,” Graham said.

"They're going to be left worrying well what if it happens again? What if I'm at home and someone comes back and does the same thing?

"It's important we find out who did it. They're just the nicest family and this is the worst thing that could happen, on top of dealing with the trauma of a near fatal car accident,” he said.

The incident has made neighbours "hyper-vigilant” and put them on edge according to the couple.

The Parkers themselves own a dozen alpacas, cows, horses and donkeys and are temporarily caring for Rocky.

"Now we're thinking well what if someone drives up the road and starts shooting at our animals.

"We have cameras but we have ordered a lot more,” Donna said.

The slain animals ranged in age from 18-months-old to 5-6 years old and Mr Parker said it's an act difficult to get to grips with.

"I can't fathom how someone thinks it's okay to come here and go bang, bang, bang. There's no logic.

"Whoever has done this isn't the brightest crayon in the pack and word will get out,” he said.

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