INSPIRATION: Sam Bailey at the chaplaincy dinner in Stanthorpe.
INSPIRATION: Sam Bailey at the chaplaincy dinner in Stanthorpe. Glenda Riley

Annual chaplaincy dinner a huge success

THE Stanthorpe Chaplaincy Committee has been overwhelmed with the success of its annual dinner this year.

More than 100 people attended the Granite Belt Brewery where they raised $8000 for the local chaplains.

Pastor Jeremy Greening said the biggest highlight was guest speaker Sam Bailey.

"(He talked) about the importance of resilience and overcoming in life,” Ps Greening said.

"He's a quadriplegic and he shared his story of overcoming and that's really what our chaplains are doing in schools.

"They're helping kids create that story in their life every day, they're overcoming whatever situations they're facing at home from bullying, domestic violence, suicidal thoughts, mental health challenges.

"All these things our kids are dealing with in society today are things that our chaplains help them with.

"They're really a strong emotional support for the students.”

He said the chaplains played an important role for the whole of the community.

"They're there for the school community - students are the main focus but teacher and even parents can access our chaplains.

"The value in supporting chaplaincy is we're supporting our own community, particularly the students that are our community of tomorrow so it's important to support that.”

He said the dinner was a highlight of the year for many locals.

"A lot of people come along because they enjoy support the cause but it's a good excuse just to get together and hang out with like-minded people who support a similar cause.”

The committee needs to raise between $50,000-$60,000 each year to run the chaplaincy program.

The committee is planning to run a street stall in town within the coming months.

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