Andrew Cripps pushes for gas and oil industry growth

A PROPOSAL to develop deep oil and natural gas resources across the state would create new jobs in regional Queensland and unlock major economic benefits, according to the government.

Natural Resources Minister Andrew Cripps, talking to APN Newsdesk on Thursday, said the 'Next Generation of Onshore Oil and Natural Gas in Queensland's framework outlined the opportunities for developing the state's next generation of deep gas and oil projects.

He said a key component of the framework was the establishment of the Cooper Basin Industry Development Strategy that would adopt big-picture, long-term view of how all resource projects in the area could operate collaboratively.

"Queensland is potentially rich in deep gas and oil resources and tapping these would build on the government's commitment to growing the resources sector and creating more jobs for families in the regions," he said.

"This industry has enormous potential to increase the state's domestic and export gas supplies, while delivering the substantial economic benefits for Queensland that come from having a secure energy supply."

Mr Cripps said deep gas and oil were typically more difficult to extract as they were trapped in deep reservoirs, or in hard rock formations, such as sedimentary shale rock, that have low permeability and low porosity.

He said existing legislation allowed for the extraction of these resources, but exploration was still in its early stages in Queensland and the new framework had been compiled to ensure the industry's future expansion was successful, environmentally responsible and accepted by communities.

"Queensland is fortunate to already have an effective, existing framework for oil and gas extraction that will also apply to deep gas and oil," he said.

"However, this emerging industry must grow in a way that protects the environment and benefits our communities."

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