Alternate options investigated with season in limbo

A RESOLUTION to the Football Stanthorpe season is no closer to realisation as things plod along in a state of limbo.

Acting on the advise of the Australian Government, Football Federation Australia and Football Queensland, the Stanthorpe season, like all others, has been put on the backburner as the country deals with the impact of COVID-19.

Football Stanthorpe president Cameron Gow says he’s in regular contact with clubs and officials, as they try to determine a plan.

Mr Gow said there’s a chance that a summer season could be played at the back end of 2020.

“It was Football Federation Australia that issued the directive to suspend all football activities, including, training, gatherings for video training, futsal … everything soccer related,” Gow said.

“They can’t even do referees courses. Everything has been put on hold.”

Football Stanthorpe representatives recently undertook their first meeting via video link.

“We can’t make any decisions until the FFA do.

“We’ve looked at a few ideas that may constitute some form of a football season.

“But obviously we can’t say yay or nay until they give us a direction.”

With government regulations unlikely to be relaxed anytime soon, Mr Gow said they’re looking at ideas outside of the box.

“At this stage there wouldn’t be any suggestion of a season across winter unless something changes.

“With that in mind the conversation was whether do you then go into a summer season, an evening season to stay out of the heat, or, do you just abandon the season altogether.

“We’ve talked about all the different possibilities. We’re still keen to do something. That’s the feedback we’re getting from player’s and the clubs.

“The community is keen but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.”

There’s been discussion of evening round robin competitions after the September holidays, delaying the possible season even longer to allow for training and what impact other summer sport seasons could have on player numbers Mr Gow said.

“Until we have something we can go to the clubs with and say ‘here are your options, what would you like to do?’

“Ultimately it comes down to what the clubs want to do. If we get a consensus we’ll pursue that option, whatever it is.

“It’s in limbo. We’ll just watch the situation unfold,” he said.

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