Alice St residents crack up

The ramps to several homes in Alice St are starting to crack and break up. Photo Erin Smith / Stanthorpe Border Post
The ramps to several homes in Alice St are starting to crack and break up. Photo Erin Smith / Stanthorpe Border Post Erin Smith

UP TO $1000 per driveway is what Stanthorpe resident Kim McChlery could have to fork out to replace the ramps to her Alice St driveways.

Six months ago she had to call the Southern Downs Regional Council to remove the remaining pieces of the ramp to her first driveway that had just fallen apart.

Now cracks are starting to appear in the ramp to her second driveway.

Without the ramp Ms McChlery will have no way of parking in her garage or using her driveway.

The cracks seem to have been caused by the movement of the bitumen along the street.

"The Alice St road is leading a life of its own," Ms McChlery said.

"It is on the move at the edges, upwards and outwards.

"Not quite as fast as volcanic lava but quite similar to look at, not quite as deadly perhaps, but nevertheless it is inexorably lifting and cracking the driveway ramps along its westerly length."

It is not just the driveway ramps being affected, with cracking also occurring in the gutters.

The sinking of the bitumen along the edges also means potential tyre damage for guests parking along that side of the


Ms McChlery said the damage could be due to the increased traffic on the road since Villa Carramar was moved there.

She said she had contacted the council and received an email saying they would get back to her within 18 days.

"Most people will accept that for a range of reasons all costs are increasing and the council is not exempt from that," she said.

"Fine and fair but can we expect to also receive assistance from the council when problems arise with our properties that are connected to services covered by those same increased rate charges?"

Ms McChlery said she is really just looking for an answer as to what the council's role in the situation is.

"The question is what will the council be able to do for homeowners in Alice St who are inevitably going to have to replace their broken ramps if they are to have continued easy access to their properties," she


The Border Post contacted the council but did not receive a response by the time of print.

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