The Carramar facility on College Rd (pictured) is set to close its doors. The change has led to some uncertainty over job security.
The Carramar facility on College Rd (pictured) is set to close its doors. The change has led to some uncertainty over job security. Contributed

Aged care staff given surety over pay and hours

WORKERS facing apparent pay and hour cuts at Villa Carramar have been dealt a reprieve according to union, United Voice.

The aged care union claim to have "secured hours, pay and compensation" for its members working at the Churches of Christ's Villa Carramar facility after it was announced last month that the organisation would shut its doors at the old Carramar site on College Rd.

Local United Voice spokesperson Diann Fenwick said some staff were looking down the barrel of 25 hour cuts, or $542 pay each fortnight under a new rostering system.

"Here in Stanthorpe, aged care workers have come together and stood up to management in the face of cuts that would have been devastating for local families," Ms Fenwick said.

"Not only have we been able to maintain existing hours and pay for workers, we've also won them back compensation for any hours they did lose during the transition to the new centre."

Ms Fenwick said United Voice would continue to hold Churches of Christ to account.

"Our members have told us that significant changes to the care model and cleaning routine introduced by Churches of Christ are not sustainable," she said.

"Workers are expected to perform the same amount of work in less time. It's not achievable and we are concerned the elderly residents will suffer from these cut backs.

However, Churches of Christ say there's been minimal impact and staff weren't being asked to do more for less.

"Of the over 130 staff now at the service, only four staff from the hospitality area have had a significant reduction to their working hours," Director of Seniors and Supported Living Bryan Mason said.

"The working hours of the staff who provide direct care to our residents is actually above what was in place when the staff and residents were across the two service locations."

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