Dane Swan is the victim of revenge porn. Picture: Dylan Robinson
Dane Swan is the victim of revenge porn. Picture: Dylan Robinson

AFL CEO's astonishing reaction to nude tape

FORMER AFL star Dane Swan has said he's the victim of revenge porn after a video of him kissing a woman naked was circulated around social media - but not everyone is feeling sorry for the sporting legend.

Speaking on 3AW this morning AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan addressed the saga, which is now in the hands of Victoria Police, and said Swan shouldn't have put himself in the situation.

"Everyone, man or woman, should have their privacy respected and if this comes out it needs to be with consent, I think that's very clear.

"But I think to your question specifically, just don't get yourself in that situation. I know that's challenging and I know people do what they do but that's ultimately all you can do I think," Mr McLachlan said.


Swan was the victim of another nude scandal in January 2016 when explicit pictures and videos of him and a teammate were leaked to Woman's Day.

When 3AW host Neil Mitchell suggested yesterday's saga meant "maybe [Swan] didn't learn", the AFL CEO swiftly responded, "Clearly".

Collingwood great Tony Shaw couldn't believe the CEO's radio comments.

"Totally inappropriate and unwarranted from Gil," the premiership captain said. "This wasn't Swanny's fault, at all.

"He (McLachlan) should have supported him like he would have if you reserved the roles - male and female."

Radio host Neil Mitchell also weighed into the debate.

"What happened to Dane Swan was wrong and nobody - male or female - should have to put up with that type of intrusion but I'm a little amused by some of his mates, could they be misogynist mates, who are being outraged on his behalf," the 3AW Mornings host said.

"I didn't hear a lot of outrage when a young woman had her privacy brutalised by that Richmond player who photographed her topless and then circulated the photograph."

The short video was circulated around social media and sent to media outlets. Picture: Dylan Robinson
The short video was circulated around social media and sent to media outlets. Picture: Dylan Robinson


It was reported yesterday that an unnamed AFL star had been embroiled in a "sex tape" scandal after a woman named Sophia was shopping around a six-second video of him to media organisations and was circulating it online.

By late afternoon, Swan had been named as the star and released a statement to Channel 9's The Footy Show last night.

"I have recently become aware of a video of me being published and circulated on the internet," he said. "Contrary to some media reports, the video is not a 'sex tape'.

"Although the video was taken a long time ago, it has been posted and distributed only recently. It was taken and distributed without my consent. The distribution is a gross breach of my privacy.

"As it is illegal to distribute such material online without consent I have reported the matter to the police who are investigating the distribution.

"As the matter is under investigation, I have no further comment at this time and I ask that my privacy be respected," Swan added.

6PR radio host Basil Zempilas was credited with being the first media personality to name Swan in his show yesterday morning, a decision that landed him in a substantial amount of hot water.

Swan's manager Liam Pickering also released a statement to The Footy Show last night and said there was a double standard at play, with the AFL player not afforded privacy due to his star status.

"In other similar incidents, often with a female victim, the media has been keen to protect the victim's identity," he said in a statement.

"Although Dane understands he is a public figure, he is a victim in this case and no less deserving of that protection."

Basketball star Andrew Bogut also stuck up for Swan.


Despite mentioning Swan's name hours before any other media outlet, Zempilas said suggestions he was the first to name the AFL star was giving him and the radio station "way too much credit".

He claims it was early yesterday morning when he was sent a direct message from a Melbourne colleague asking if he'd "seen the Dane Swan video?"

Zempilas then saw entertainment reporter Peter Ford's topics, mentioning "an AFL star in a sex tape story", and then producers form 6PR showed the radio host the video they had been sent.

"We found ourselves in a perfect storm ... with those three things going bang bang bang, I made an assumption that it had already been pretty widely circulated ... and when you saw it there was no doubt as to who the male involved in it was.

"If there was any regret it was probably that it wasn't as widely circulated at that point as I was led to believe.

"It's paying me too much credit to say I was the first person to mention Dane Swan, I know that by looking back at Twitter and the timeline.

"It's also paying me way too much credit to suggest that because we said it here that's why they said it on the Herald Sun, The Age, Seven News Melbourne and [why] Nine News Melbourne decided they could go with the name," he said.


Basil Zempilas denied being the first to mention Swan’s name. Picture: Supplied/Seven.
Basil Zempilas denied being the first to mention Swan’s name. Picture: Supplied/Seven.


Entertainment reporter Peter Ford was also on the program this morning and said he wondered if Swan had taken the "best course of action".

"The fact that he had gone to the cops had legitimised it as a news story. To be honest with you, I really wonder, if you were Dane Swan, if the best course of action would've been to just do nothing," he said.

"Frustrating as that might be for a day or so it would've probably just disappeared. It wouldn't have hit mainstream media, it definitely wouldn't of been the front page story it was in Melbourne.

"I just wonder if that might've been a better way to go, just let it float away and die and a small number of people only get to see it," Ford said.

Swan, 34, a Brownlow Medallist, was recruited by Collingwood in 2001 and retired from the AFL in 2016 after suffering a foot injury.

He has since become a high-profile media commentator across the footy media landscape in Melbourne and was scheduled to appear on Channel 9's The Footy Show on Thursday night.

Two weeks ago, the retired midfielder made his comeback to the game playing with Westmeadows Tigers in Melbourne after being granted special clearance by the AFL to return to playing the game without endangering his reported $400,000 payout for his career-ending injury.

Victorian law allows for prison sentences for adults that share illicit video or photo without the consent of all parties.

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