Addicted to your mobile phone? Well put it in the boot!

CAN'T stop looking at your mobile phone in the car? Put it in the boot.

That's the blunt message from Transport Minister Scott Emerson who says dangerous drivers using their mobile phones while behind the wheel will be a major target of police.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson said L8R billboards targeting mobile phone use were now displayed alongside major highways and motorways.

"We've listened to 34 per cent of Queenslanders who told us while compiling the Join the Drive campaign that mobile phones and distractions are their biggest safety concern," Mr Emerson said.

"Since we began filming the campaign in October we've seen a steady improvement in the road toll, however dangerous driving is still the biggest risk on our roads this holiday period.

"If you can't resist the temptation to check your phone while driving then put it in the boot, your handbag or glovebox."

There were 28,700 fines handed out for driving while distracted last year, compared to 30,500 in 2011 and 33,100 in 2010.


Mr Emerson said fines of $330 and three demerit points for driving distracted were the third toughest in the country, behind the ACT with $337 and three points and Victoria, which recently increased their penalties to $443 and four demerit points.

"At this stage I favour using education rather than increasing penalties," he said.

"However if there is an increase in mobile phone use while driving then we will look at tougher penalties.

"One of the action items of the Queensland Road Safety Action Plan 2013-2015 is to look at whether penalties for high-risk offences, including using a mobile phone while driving, are appropriate.

"This will be undertaken in the second year of the program."

The new road safety advertisements, in which real people and real stories will replace the blood and broken bones of past campaigns began more than a week ago.

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