Accused drug supplier given third chance for bail

A TOOWOOMBA man has been given a third chance to comply with his bail conditions after three months behind bars.

Blake Michael Bateman, 22, was arrested and charged on August 8, 2014 with 13 charges surrounding the alleged supply of meth in Toowoomba after police pulled over his car for a random search.

During the search police allegedly located several clip-seal bags containing about 10g of meth.

He was subsequently granted bail under strict conditions that included reporting to police and adhering to a curfew.

Bateman's bail was revoked on December 14 after he broke conditions on two occasions. He was subsequently sent to jail.

The Brisbane Supreme Court heard during a bail application on Friday Bateman was sent to jail after he broke his curfew and was late reporting to police.

Defence barrister Michael Bonasia said the two breaches were very minor and Bateman was well aware of his responsibilities now surrounding bail after serving a stint behind bars.

He said Bateman had no criminal record and there was a risk that he could actually serve more time in custody than any eventual sentence if he was found guilty at a future date.

Justice Peter Flanagan granted the application but did so with a warning to Bateman to abide by his bail conditions which now include reporting to police, adhering to a curfew and undergoing regular drug screening.

"No doubt he has learnt over the past 90 days of what happens if you breach your bail conditions," he said.

"If he was to breach bail for a third time then it would be highly unlikely this court would exercise its discretion again."


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