YOUR STORY: Driver gives Learner a lesson to forget

LEARNER drivers earned the right to learn to drive by passing a test that the Queensland government/Australian government developed to allow our younger generation the ability to LEARN to drive.

Today my beautiful 16 year old daughter was able to drive on her LEARN for the second time in my car.

As a responsible mother I took her to a back road to allow her the not bother other drivers.

WELL, on our way to this back road we where at a round about, with "L" plates clearly visible, being the first time she was a little nervous, starting with putting the indicator on the wrong way.

No big deal we fixed that, well as she went to take off she stalled the car, no big deal we restarted the car, while this took off but just before the car behind beeped its horn, FRIGHTENING her.

Damage control from mum.  "It's okay honey, breathe, take the roundabout and we will pull over to the side of the road when we are out of the traffic."

Beautifully she did this, turning down Dundowran road to stop so she could take a moment.

Well at this time elderly couple pulled over in front of us and walked towards my car.

WELL this gentleman (?? used term) started abusing me for the indicator issue????

Then not having "L" plate (which was clearly displayed) and then proceeded to tell me he was going to ring the police, well protective mother kicked in, ring the police, and see what they say.

This man was a digusting creature, criticising my driving.

I have never had an accident that was my fault, Kangaroo on road not my fault, (Kangaroo dead, not my fault)do these people not remember what it was like to LEARN to drive a car?????

Using a horn on a LEARNER driver is going to 1, frighten them, 2, intimidate them and 3, ??? everything they have just learnt about LEARNING to drive and the right the Government has allowed then to LEARN to Drive a car on the road.

Please be kind to LEARNER drivers, remember what it was like to turn into that first roundabout, to the first time you stalled the car, or even the first time you crossed the busy intersection at Dundowran,

I am so proud of my daughter and the way she pulled herself together and continued to drive on her LEARNERS for the second time on the road.

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