Disabled car park sign.
Disabled car park sign. Peter Holt

Park illegally in disabled spots and you'll cop $220 of pain

MOTORISTS who defy disabled parking-only signs will be slugged with a $220 fine in Queensland.

The State Government has moved to increase the fine four-fold for anyone found misusing car parks designated for people with a disability.

Some local government areas, including the Fraser Coast and Brisbane, already impose a $220 fine while the Queensland Government slugs motorists with only a $44 fine.

Transport Minister Scott Emerson said the increase would bring the State Government into line with several local councils.

"While the changes we have announced will bring our penalties closer to these councils, it is difficult to be completely consistent across the entire State," he said.

"As councils retain the power to impose set parking laws and fines we see a disparity across Queensland which is frustrating for motorists and authorities.

"While these changes will help to reduce the disparity between fines for disability parking, my department is currently reviewing all parking penalties to achieve better consistencies between state and local laws."

Between 2008 and 2012, the Queensland Police Service issued more than 5800 tickets for misuse of disabled car parks.

Mr Emerson said it was a sad fact people used the car parks to save themselves a few minutes.

"There is no excuse for this kind of behaviour particularly when it can have such a negative impact on our disabled community," he said.

"Earlier this year a number of groups raised concerns with me about this issue particularly if people have a condition that limits how far they can walk and need access to closer car parking."

The changes are expected to come into effect later this year.

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