GROWING BUSINESS : Adena and Caleb Sweet from Stanthorpe's Thermforce . Inset: The Thermforce mobile units.
GROWING BUSINESS : Adena and Caleb Sweet from Stanthorpe's Thermforce . Inset: The Thermforce mobile units. Samantha Wantling

A force to be reckoned with

TWO years into the game and Thermforce is already building a strong reputation in the Southern Downs community.

With their office located in Stanthorpe, the company services the Granite Belt, Warwick, Tenterfield and surrounding towns.

Owners Caleb and Adena Sweet know the area and its people well.

"Caleb was born and raised here in Stanthorpe,” Mrs Sweet said.

"He is what you would probably call a true Stanthorpe local. Caleb's parents are Wally and Glenys Sweet, who own another local business, Sweets Strawberry Runners.

"I was originally from Brisbane and moved to Warwick in 2015. Caleb and I met and I moved to Stanthorpe mid-2016.

"We got married in February 2017 and started Thermforce in June 2017.

"Thermforce has grown over the last two years from just a husband-and-wife team to now where we have two additional staff members that joined us back in October 2018.”

ThermForce vehicles
ThermForce vehicles Contributed

Thermforce provide breakdown service and sales and installation of electrical, refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment.

"As fully licensed electrical contractors we are able to design and co-ordinate the often complex electrical requirements for these systems,” Mr Sweet said.

"We are passionate about the control of electrical and refrigeration systems, chillers, temperature control, water pumps and controlled environments.

"It is our aim to provide better service with our broad qualifications.

"Being qualified to carry out electrical work enables us to co-ordinate projects in-house, whether it's instillation of electrical controls, temperature alarms and power monitoring or simply being able to organise electrical supply.”

The company operates on a pretty clear philosophy: "Listen to our client, offer solutions, deliver their requests. We understand people hold different values.”

Mrs Sweet added: "The success of Thermforce has been due to the wonderful support of the many local people and businesses. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone that has supported us and we look forward to continuing to service our community.”

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