Santa watching West Brom play Swansea at the Hawthorns.
Santa watching West Brom play Swansea at the Hawthorns. Matthew Lewis

A football Christmas wishlist for Santa

FOOTBALL: It's the time of year when every girl and boy hopes their letter to the big guy with the long white beard and the red suit has been answered.

Now I am not sure whether I have been good enough this year but here's hoping that Santa can deliver on my Christmas list.

Dear Santa,

The Socceroos - I am sure you know them well - have hit a little rough patch recently and I just ask that you try all that you can to get them safe passage through World Cup qualification.

They should get victories over Thailand and Iraq but face tough games against the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Japan later in the year.

Wins against those three would be good, Santa, and that will hopefully see us through to another World Cup finals campaign.

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho.
Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho. Dave Thompson

Second, Santa, I am not sure if you have heard anything about a bloke called Jose, but he's getting on a lot of people's nerves.

He works in Manchester for some team that used to win a lot of trophies but isn't quite as good as it used to be.

This Jose bloke doesn't like losing much and when he does he blames everyone but himself.

He used to be "special”, or so he likes to tell us, but he is not any more. In fact, he's become especially boring and it's beyond a joke.

People have tried to knock him down by fining him lots of money but he's like a naughty kid - and I know you don't like them - who is running off and taking his ball with him.

Is there any possible way, Santa, that you can get this Jose bloke out of the English Premier League?

Talking of the EPL, we need Chelsea to be knocked down a peg or two as well.

It has a spoilt kid too by the name of Diego. He's a good player but no one likes him because he's a bully.

What would be good is if you can get referees to keep giving him yellow cards or better still red, so he doesn't play much.

Sydney FC players celebrate a goal.
Sydney FC players celebrate a goal. TONY MCDONOUGH

Back in Australia, Santa, there's a team that hasn't lost this season.

I just wonder if it's possible to help Sydney FC keep that undefeated run going for as long as possible?

No team has gone through the whole A-League season without getting beaten.

It's a tough one, I know, but at least help Graham Arnold - he's the coach - keep the record going for a little bit longer to keep the interest going.

Also on the A-League front can you try to make Football Federation Australia see sense and get another one or two new teams into the system sooner rather than later?

It doesn't matter where the team goes but the FFA and the A-League bosses need to cash in on the popularity of the sport now.

Finally, Santa, and this is a bit of self-indulgence on my part, can you please help Swansea City out of the bottom three in the EPL?

The club needs a couple of things to be able to do that and if you can help, there will be a number of people, including me, eternally grateful.

First, we need to see the back of Bob Bradley. He seems like a nice enough bloke but he doesn't seem to have what it takes as manager of an EPL club.

Second, can you get the owners - they are American like Bob - to splash the cash on a couple of players, namely some that can defend and maybe a winger who can cross?

Hopefully, Santa, you can see your way to getting a few things on my list to happen.

Thanks and merry Christmas.

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