Max Sica loses appeals against 35-year non-parole sentence

TRIPLE-murderer Max Sica has lost his fight to overturn guilty jury verdicts and reduce a 45-year non-parole period.

The Court of Appeal said society regarded child killing with particular abhorrence and noted Sica's previous criminal history and "dubious" prospects of rehabilitation in refusing the appeal.

Sica was convicted in July last year of murdering his former girlfriend Neelma Singh, 24, and her two siblings in their Bridgeman Downs home on April 22, 2003.

Their bloodied bodies were found in the spa bath.

The Court of Appeal found the trial judge did not err and dismissed all seven grounds listed to appeal the conviction.

The three justices also found Sica's exception to the sentencing judge's description of his crimes being "in the worst categories of murder" as misplaced.

"(Sica), having killed Neelma Singh, proceeded to murder the 18-yearold Kunal Singh and the 12-year-old Sidhi Singh in order to prevent them providing information which might lead to his detection," the judgment, handed down on Monday afternoon, read.

"Although the murder of Neelma Singh may have been unpremeditated, as the sentencing judge impliedly found, the other murders were not.

"Neelma, Kunal and Sidhi Singh were deprived of the possibility of having long and fulfilling lives.

"Their parents and surviving sibling were deprived of their companionship, love and support.

"Instead, as the sentencing judge found, they were condemned to lifelong misery and suffering.

"In light of the appellant's criminal history, his complete lack of remorse, his dubious prospects of rehabilitation, personal and general deterrence and protection of the community, the sentencing judge was entitled to specify a non-release period substantially in excess of the statutory minimum."

The prosecution case suggested Neelma was expecting the visit but something happened and Sica strangled her.

Kunal and Sidhi were in their beds, probably asleep when he struck them in the head with the tines of a garden fork.

He put all their bloodied bodies in the spa bath, filled the bath with water and then turned it on.

Neelma and Sidhi were already dead but Kunal was just unconscious and drowned.

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