Greens make defiant last stand against Katter and Palmer

THE Greens have issued a desperate plea to Queenslanders asking them to think twice before voting for either of the Palmer United or Katter's Australian parties in the Senate.

Polling in recent days has shown the PUP stands a real chance of picking up the sixth Senate seat in Clive Palmer's home state of Queensland.

That would mean former league star Glenn Lazarus would take a seat in the upper house from July next year.

Primary support for the PUP could be anywhere between 5-8%, depending on which poll you read.

An APN online survey of more than 2000 Queenslanders showed support for the party was above 9%.

Clearly spooked by the polling, the Greens' number one Senate candidate in Queensland, Adam Stone, was urging voters not to risk voting for the PUP or KAP.

He said if a candidate from either party won the sixth and final Senate seat in Queensland, Coalition leader Tony Abbott would effectively control both houses of parliament.

"This is not about who forms government but about the risk of one party having carte blanche to do whatever it likes for the next three years," Mr Stone said.

"Tony Abbott will be free to repeal the hard-won carbon price with its record investment in clean energy, to repeal the mining tax that could fund important social services like education and to stymie progressive reforms like an end to the cruel live animal export trade."

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott was also calling on Australians not to "waste their vote", urging them on Friday to vote for a major party and not a fringe outfit.

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