Data shows 112 Australians died at work this year

SAFE Work Australia data has revealed 112 Australians have been killed at work so far this year.

The top three industries for work-related fatalities include transport, postal and warehousing with 42, agriculture, forestry and fishing with 27 and construction 12.

The mining sector has recorded 11 deaths so far this year.

Mining fatalities include deaths that occurred in the coal mining, oil and gas extraction, metal ore, gravel and sand quarrying industries as well as industries that service those sectors.

Last year, there were 191 work-related fatalities recorded across the country which was significantly lower than the previous year where there were 212 deaths.

Safe Work Australia acting chief executive officer Michelle Baxter urged all workers whether employed by a business or self-employed to make work health and safety a priority.

"While we have seen a 16% reduction in work-related deaths since 2012, this does not mean workers should become complacent about reducing and eliminating risks while working," she said.

"In particular it is alarming to see the fatality rate for self-employed workers is so much higher than for employees."

Ms Baxter said the decrease in the number of work-related deaths from previous years can be attributed to fewer crashes on public roads, particularly involving workers in cars.

"The worker fatality rate in 2013 was 1.64 fatalities per 100 000 workers," she said.

"Male workers had a fatality rate of 2.80 while female workers had a rate of 0.28.

"Over the past 11 years, one-third of workers who were killed while working died in vehicle collisions on public roads, one-third in vehicle incidents at workplaces and the remaining one-third of fatalities did not involve a vehicle."

Safe Work Australia will hold its annual safety month across the country in October where the theme will be Work safe. Home safe.

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