22 June - 23 July

Your peace of mind could be unexpectedly disturbed by some unforeseen event or observation. By the same token, this could be just the catalyst that is necessary to change a certain behaviour that is bothering you. An impartial view of your situation may not have been possible prior to this event and you will be thankful for any discomfort you feel when you see the light of day. Some resolutions happen midyear, not necessarily at the outset. You will feel more in control of your circumstances and your internal energies which will in turn help you to achieve maximum results during this cycle. You must be careful not to run roughshod over others.


24 July - 23 August

Make a little extra self-sacrifice by putting in additional hours at work on the weekend in the coming weeks so that you can enjoy a more leisurely pace between Monday and Friday. You may begrudge having to forfeit a couple of social events but realise that this is essential to reduce your stress levels. More emphasis on family matters is likely during the next couple of days as well. Changes in your work routine, computing programmes, and other technical processes could make your day to day duties more cumbersome during the next week. You may have to work extra to catch up on these new systems.


24 August - 23 September

You have to determine which of two or three deadlines you will need to prioritise this week. One of these objectives of a professional nature is bothering you and you doubt that you will be able to meet the target. By not doing so, you feel as if you will lose face. All you can do is your best and then as most great philosophies state, leave rest to Providence. You are particularly sensitive and irritable today, especially over financial matters. It will appear that others don't quite understand where you are coming from and this will make matters worse. If you can't get people to sympathise with your cause it�s best to postpone meetings and discussions.


24 September - 23 October

You could be embarrassed into making a show of goodwill and this will be against your better judgment. In fact, to save face or rather should I say keep your ego intact, you will act in a manner which is contrary to what your heart is telling you. It doesn't matter if you don't live up to the expectations or standards of someone else today. Live by your own standards. Today you may have to play Guru, channeling all sorts of weird and wonderful advice to those around you. You can perform selfless services and find your reputation growing as a result of that. You may be surprised to learn that your name has spread to others.


24 October - 22 November

A token of goodwill is necessary as you don't want to come across as someone who doesn't appreciate the good that is done. Think about those who are deserving of this gesture. Be more philosophical about aspects of your life that challenge you. It�s only a matter of time before you remove them systematically to create a more satisfactory state of affairs. Your relationships with others are also affected. If you are involved in a relationship that is stifling to one or both of you, then you will find at this time that you can free up the blockages and inhibitions much more easily than usual. You may come in contact with someone unusual.


23 November - 22 December

You may be a little obsessive about getting to the bottom of the problem, and this will irritate others. Try to coax them into sharing rather than holding a gun to their head. Being different continues to be the theme for you to attract attention. You need to step out of your normal way of seeing and doing things, to explore the possibilities. It is not advisable to loan money to others, even close friends or family members. This will cause disputes and a falling out in the future. A slight scare or fear may force you to see things differently. Difficult events are sometimes the seed of good things so look at the brighter side of things.


23 December - 20 January

There may be an uneasy sense that your choice of spiritual endeavour isn't cutting it on the material plane just now. The whole issue of philosophy and its expression in day to day life is a contradiction not easily resolved at times, especially when key life issues present themselves. Don't pigeon hole your ideals just now and work more from your gut feeling. It will all fall in place in due course. Touching base with friends is advisable now. Reconnecting with those you haven�t had time for or catching up on gossip is a simple but desirable pleasure today. You may initiate a new friendship, but you shouldn't do this out of pity.


21 January - 19 February

Unfinished matters from the past may demand your attention. Be prepared for long, serious negotiations. You may be able to look at some hidden aspects of yourself and safely bring them up for discussion and reflection. Your brilliant rapport with someone today has everything to do with your enthusiasm. Keep to the point and you�ll hit the mark. There is an opportunity to put your head together with a friend to come up with a great business idea. You need to clarify the direction you both want to move in. Don't seem too eager in any negotiation today. The trick is to walk away and feign disinterest even when you want something so badly.


20 February - 20 March

You are seeking higher knowledge now. Spiritual investigations, religion, and even academic studies excite you at the moment. You like the idea of meeting artistic people who can introduce you to new outs and activities. But this means leaving lazier, less adventurous friends behind. You may have unrealistic expectations of your marriage or significant love relationship. This will dramatically affect the way you see your partner. Your success today can be realised through accessing your higher mind and creative powers. Putting a new spin on an old problem will be a fun process. Don't allow fear to influence your performance today.


21 March - 20 April

This is a powerful day to step up and show what you are really made of. If you have been a little reluctant to take the lead and express some rather radical idea, you can do so just now and receive 100% support from those around you - even those who would previously have opposed your suggestions. It's full steam ahead. You could feel as if you are being outshone by a friend or partner in some social situation just now. Are you being overlooked? Is this making you feel less than who you really are? I suggest you get behind your colleague and do everything you can to graciously help them attain the best position they can.


21 April - 21 May

By not clarifying terms and conditions of engagement on the home front trouble may be brewing irrespective of how good you feel today. In your desire to do something extraordinary you might, in fact, go a little bit too far. This might please you and in fact, give you a laugh especially if the shock value makes others react in ways that they don't normally respond. But the short-term satisfaction you receive using this strategy may not really be what your heart truly desires. Stop and think about the long-term ramifications of your actions today. You need to combine your tasks today so that you have surplus time at your disposal.


22 May - 21 June

You must be gentle in pointing out the past transgressions of someone close to you at this time. You may be totally unaware of just how painful the topic of discussion is to them. You may be seeing the circumstances through a purely intellectual perspective and therefore your compassion must not be forgotten during your interactions. This will be more sensitive an issue if it is related to close family members. The dark side of this time can be an obsession. It could be a person or a thing, but the obsession of possession can take prominence in your life at this time. Your deep feelings of need may come to the surface.

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Your peace of mind could be unexpectedly disturbed by some unforeseen event or observation. By the same token, this could be just the catalyst...

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